Oct 23 2021

Real Time Store-Level Insights for Food and Beverage Operators

Written by Orderly Marketing

Using big data analytics and camera feeds we can transform your store to be more sustainable and profitable. If you’ve ever worked in hospitality, you’ll probably have heard the phrase ‘if you have time to lean, you have time to clean!’ Handed down from supervisor to junior and probably first uttered in a tavern in the dark ages, it’s great for hygiene and generally nudging along employees looking a little lost for something to do – but is this approach actually useful?

We do like to overthink, so when we overheard this recently, we couldn’t help but question it.

Was it the best time for them to clean? Would the data suggest it would be the optimal time to prep more food instead?

What if we could make big data easy to use on even the smallest decisions – from if someone should be wiping a table or ordering more bread rolls?

When big data is too big to be applied – it won’t be. So, we storyboarded a medium-sized chain getting actionable insights from data and using them to create their daily tasks. What would matter to them?

  • Imagine if they could use weather forecasts to predict sales of certain foods?
  • What if they could have a virtual ‘secret shopper’ with insights into every single similar chain in their entire country and their trends?
  • What if they could predict when the next hungry batch of customers would swing open the door?

It sounds like the future, but in fact – it’s here and ready to go. Meet the Orderly Score.

It’s time to transform

Digital transformation is key for businesses who are serious about being here for the long term.

In a recent State of Digital Business Report, it was revealed from organizations ranging from SMBs through large global enterprises that 47% of companies haven’t started their digital transformation yet – while 59% are worried that it might already be too late for them.

And there’s good reason to worry. 55% of businesses believe they have less than a year before they start to suffer financially and lose market share.

Hospitality was due a refresh.

We are proud to offer solutions that would have sounded like something from The Jetsons in the last decade but are actually in line with the tech that’s changing the world. Driverless cars are promised in the next few years. Hologram technology is already advancing to a point that UK surgeons are using it to improve operations. There are many changes ahead, but you can have the future in action today.

The Orderly Score acts as a digital store assistant, using big data and AI from a variety of data sources including POS, labour, inventory and CCTV to influence responsibility – reducing waste and increasing profit.

It includes:

  • Temperature and presence sensors for real-time stock availability and automated counting.
  • Enriched data that compares your chain with billions of other anonymised datapoints from similar stores.
  • Transport, weather, lockdown and driver availability

And that’s just the start.

It could also help the hospitality employment exodus

We all know the recent issues with employment in hospitality. For the job to be engaging and inviting, we need to bring meaning into it. While targets around reducing waste and increasing profits get shareholders fired up, for those on the shop floor, there is a real need to bring this to life.

Unlike burnout (the consequence of working too hard for too long), ‘bore out’ is the new phrase for what happens when we are bored by our work to the point that we feel it is totally meaningless, pointless, given tasks devoid of value. Data gives employees the tools to apply meaning and ‘gamify’ their work.

Orderly provides:

  • Three things the store manager is doing well
  • Two things they can improve upon
  • One score out of five, benchmarked against their peers

In short, it creates connectivity between the overall goals of the business and the actionable things they can do to affect that change. It’s not solving the whole recruitment issue – but it is skilling the workforce and empowering them.

It changes management too.

Orderly Score offers the ability to give live insights, assisted by in-store cameras and sensors. This is true magic for supervisors of multiple stores and means a manager can make a decision based on facts even if they are currently located hundreds of miles away. It opens up a world of transformation in how you manage, move teams and even set up shops. In a post-pandemic world, this creates a whole new way to transform how a business is run, without the restrictions you’ve previously encountered.

That’s just the start. The future is here and it’s ready for you. Take a look at what’s possible with a custom demonstration for your store or chain.

Learn more today, or contact us.