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Meet Orderly's AI-powered Digital Assistant, a game-changer in retail management. Blending AI, big data, and CCTV insights, it predicts store needs, guiding your team with precision. Embrace a smarter, data-driven retail approach with Orderly.

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Orderly - powerful insights, delivered simply

Data is only as useful as the insights it provides. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to turn big data into actionable insights that help businesses like yours make better decisions, improve operations and drive down waste as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Real time task management

Orderly’s insights are generated from integrations with a range of data sources to provide the right insights at the right time, so operational stakeholders can run an excellent shift.

  • Three things the store manager is doing well
  • Two things they can improve upon
  • One score our of five, benchmarked against their peers
  • Live insights, assisted by in-store cameras and sensors
Store assistant asking the user to change a beer barrel

The benefits? Total clarity over what's happening, 24/7, so you are never in the dark.

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Learn how we can prove a better triple bottom line for your business (we give a pretty cool demo too...).

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Get seriously creative with your new data

Data can be fun when it's this powerful. Yes, really! Spend time analysing anonymous data from businesses just like yours and see billions of stores and brands in action, learning from the real world happenings. Get the right data to the right people. Turn the upcoming weather change into a store selling point, or confidently predict your sales figures at your next board meeting and explain precisely why you’ve increased orders – and how you can do it again and again.

Orderly is designed to give you total confidence you are getting under the skin of your business - and with stats and information this fun, we think you'll start to really love data analysis!

Engage and reward your employees

Did you know that seeing good behaviour modelled at work can increase the likelihood of employees adopting those behaviours themselves? By using the Orderly Scorecard, you can help create a culture of waste reduction - engaging and motivating employees to do their best. Our data is accessible and understandable, even to a new hire.

  • Use the leaderboards to see inspiring successes, and identify who needs more support.
  • Make a culture shift by giving Orderly awards to the stars in your business.
  • Create a culture change as you onboard new employees with clear guidance on what good looks like

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, sign up for the Orderly Scorecard today - you won't regret it!

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What else can be powered by the Orderly Data Platform?

Smarter use of CCTV and in-store cameras

Maxmise the use of your CCTV and camera data with Orderly to see live presence, queue length, drive-thru analytics, facilities usage and track loss/theft.

Managers previously tied to stores, or relying on verbal feedback or outdated spreadsheets to track performance are now free. Check in anytime, from any location and see how things really are. By using Orderly, checking CCTV isn't a 'last resort' when there's a problem - it becomes a tool to understand your business at all times.

POS insights you can rely upon

What's selling like hot cakes and what difference does product placement make? When are your best days and what's affecting sales? Don't get stuck into spreadsheets and guess work to identify what made a product fly off the shelves or why the numbers aren't adding up. With Orderly you can tie in live point of sale integrations to analyse sales data at any time with no headaches.

IoT integrations for your business of the future

The future is here. Orderly can integrate with a wide range of game changing IoT technologies. A favourite is the data we can pull from temperature and presence sensors, for real-time stock availability and automated counting. Wave goodbye to long evenings doing stock checks and chasing numbers around. With data this fresh happening in real time, it's no longer a problem.

Seamless inventory analysis

Inventory integration for stock availability and receipting through Orderly means you know what you have, where it is and when you need to order more. Seamlessly connect to your suppliers for automated ordering and take one extra thing off your to do list. Real time stock counts using cameras and sensors to save staff time and increase accuracy? You know it!

Super simple labour scheduling

To support better utilisation of labour, Orderly can be integrated with your scheduling tools. With all the data in one place, you can see where improvements could be made and make changes on the fly as needed - whether that's calling in more staff for a particularly busy shift or redeploying them to other areas of the store.

Marketing predictions

If you put more in - will you get more out? It's the timeless question around marketing spend, and with Orderly, you can get answers. Tie in your scheduled or proposed marketing spend inputs to support forecasting. With previous data at your fingertips, there's no guesswork about what you need to have on the shelves for a big marketing campaign to run without a hitch.

Comparable datasets to see how you stack up

Orderly enriches your data with billions of other anonymised datapoints from similar stores to your chain. Simply - you can see what your business neighbours are up to! If you see that chains or businesses of your size are taking the lion's share of sales on a certain day or time, you can adapt how you do things too. It's like having a secret squirrel on your laptop!

Local condition analysis to enrich how you work

We all know that things like transport, weather conditions and driver availability all have an effect on your business. What if you could predict the future? Orderly can provide data to indicate an upcoming threat to the calm seas of business as usual, so you can make changes fast. If something happens, you'll know why, and how to deal with it.

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