Weekly score for London Salad bar
Live insight asking to clean table

Orderly Score

The Orderly Score acts as a digital store assistant, using big data and AI from a variety of data sources including POS, labour, inventory and CCTV to influence responsibility - reducing waste and increasing profit.

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The Orderly Score

Orderly integrates with a range of data sources to provide the right insights at the right time to food and beverage stakeholders.

  • Three things the store manager is doing well
  • Two things they can improve upon
  • One score our of five, benchmarked against their peers
  • Live insights, assisted by in-store cameras and sensors
Store assistant asking the user to change a beer barrel

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Learn how we can prove a better triple bottom line for your business (we give a pretty cool demo too...).

managers scorecard

Orderly integrates with your enterprise data sources to provide the right insights to the right person at the right time - it enriches and benchmarks your data against billions of other industry data points, adding further value.

Help and Rewards

See which stakeholders might need a little more help in certain areas, with leaderboards and drill down analytics. Reward those who are meeting your goals and saving the planet with Orderly awards, achievements and recognition. All the impact. Thousands less spreadsheets.

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Powered by the Orderly Data Platform

CCTV and in-store cameras

Utilises CCTV and camera data for presence, queue length, drive-thru analytics, facilities usage and loss/theft.


Point of sale integration to analyse sales data.


Temperature and presence sensors for real-time stock availability and automated counting.


Inventory integration for stock availability and receipting

Labour scheduling

To support better utilisation of labour


Marketing spend inputs to support forecasting

Comparable datasets

Orderly enriches your data with billions of other anonymised datapoints from similar stores to your chain

Local conditons

Further encrichment through transport, weather, lockdown and driver availability

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