Own the customer relationship with Orderly’s direct to consumer solution. Specialised eCommerce and pick and pack technology for food and beverage enterprises. Increase sales. Decrease production waste.

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Key Features

Pick and Pack

Pick and pack technologies that reduce food waste and increase efficiency. Ship the right products, efficiently and on time.

Beautiful Interfaces

Beautiful, fully-branded customer interfaces designed to increase conversion and showcase your delicious products.

Customer Service

Fully integrated with your customer service desk and customer relationship management tool, to enable you to keep a single customer view.

Speed to Market

Our scalable platform can launch enterprise propositions in days and not months. Perfect for the fast-paced market of today.

Payment and Couriers

Integrate with any payment provider and a range of couriers, integrated with our order production technologies.

Global Reach

Fully multi-lingual and multi-currency solution, to allow you to trade across all markets. Supports geographical hosting and country-specific rules and legislation.

Our D2C solution is built upon the Orderly Order Management solution, used by enterprise for B2B and B2C commerce for over a decade. Starting life as "EasyWebstore" in 2008 before relaunching as a Food and Beverage enterprise-focused proposition, the solution is trusted, proven, feature-rich and scalable.

Customisable and Flexible

The solution is infinitely customisable with the ability to seamlessly fit into your current digital strategy and logistics operations with ease.

Thanks to the power of our technology and the expertise of our implementation team, we can set up your solution in days, not months - allowing you to test, learn, improve and fine-tune to further increase sales and efficiency whilst your competitors are still finding their feet.

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Fast to Build. Fast to Use. Feature Rich.

Reduce Waste

Each system user is provided with an Orderly Scorecard - telling them ways to reduce waste and increase sustainability within their job role.


Drive recurring revenue with subscriptions.

Control the User Experience

Customise everything on your customer facing website - from the styling to the functionality.

Integrates Everywhere

Integrate with your enterprise systems - from accounting software to ERP.

Efficient Pick and Pack

Run an accurate and fast pick and pack operation - making it simple to pack and dispatch orders.

Specialised for Food and Beverage

System understands concepts such as make-to-sell, break-to-sell, yield and expiry dates - out of the box.

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