Dec 14 2023

If F&B supply chain management was a Christmas song…

Written by Orderly Marketing
A food and beverage warehouse at Christmas with a lorry loading in the background.

While it’s a great career, supply chain management in the F&B sector has very few hit songs written in its honour. We can’t see why that would be, but here we are. 

So, as we have to make our own fun around here, we’ve had a think about what songs would be a good fit for your office party that are most likely to resonate with your ethos. 

Let us know any we missed by joining in the conversation. 


Last Christmas (was marginally better but we’re on target overall)

Supply chain management is about reflection, so this one is a perfect fit for you and your teams. After all, without knowing what happened Last Christmas, you’re missing a trick! We can draw conclusions by looking closely at the previous year’s activity. Want insights into this year? For our UK customers, it’s looking like 2023 is a bumper year in the Christmas categories (take-home grocery sales increased by 7.6% in the 12 weeks to 25 December 2022 according to Kantar figures). 

Looking back at 2022, we can tell that Friday 23 December was the most popular shopping day of the year, with more than half of the UK households going to stores or receiving a delivery! In fact, December was the stores’ busiest month since the start of the pandemic.

We know that year-on-year growth in December is 9.4%, the fastest rate recorded since February 2021, with sales reaching a new record at £12.8 billion. So looking back at last Christmas is definitely worth doing. 

Is your enterprise not achieving the sales you expected? Hold firm until the 23rd before you panic…

Let it snow!  Let it snow! Let it snow! (But only when our drivers are off shift) 

Weather is actually a huge variable in consumer sales. At Orderly, we offer many solutions that tie into the weather because we know how important it is. The weather can significantly affect labour availability, inventory, deliveries and transport. The Orderly Score acts as a digital store assistant, using big data and AI from various data sources, including POS, labour, inventory and CCTV, to predict what will happen (and what to do if it does!)

So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow – you have the systems to handle it! 

(PowerPoint) Deck the halls 

Got a PP deck ready for the new year? You should do! Ensuring that all stakeholders are kept abreast of how you’re doing is key to your own career success and to keeping your business on track. But instead of wrestling with spreadsheets and other documents, use one single source of truth. Interested? Read our blog on the dangers of managing your supply chain in spreadsheets!

O Come all Ye Faithful (employees and stakeholders) 

You work hard to engage team members all year round… The faithful can see the hard work paying off. At Orderly our business was built on the knowledge that it’s the small changes that stick, and stack up. That’s why our scorecard gives clear actions employees can take to make business improvements, every single day. Interested in how it works? Explore the details of our Digital Store Assistant here. 

Joy to the World

Doing any steps to enhance sustainability in the supply chain is unequivocally a good thing. The smallest steps are all significant for the world as a whole, bringing down our bloated emissions and helping get to Net Zero. If you’ve worked to enhance sustainability this year instead of having a goal for 2050,  you’re one of the good guys bringing joy to the world. Well done! 

Twelve Days of Christmas (and 3 improvements) 

If you’re using Orderly, you are used to a year of counting. Forget the laying birds and turtle doves; the twelve months of the year with Orderly have been supported with three actionable insights your team can make daily to enhance sustainability and bring extra profit to the bottom line.  Winner winner, vegan turkey dinner. 

Interested in kicking off the new year with a system that predicts the future of your food and beverage supply chain to deliver tangible triple bottom line results? 

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