Restaurant inventory management software proven in the world's largest restaurant chains. Delivers cutting edge AI insights to generate an ROI and reduce food waste.

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Orderly Inventory restaurant management software is proven to reduce waste and increase sales. Here are some average statistics from across our platform vs. incumbent restaurant inventory management solutions.

Reduction in stock take hours


Increase in stock availability


Decrease in waste


Increase in credit requests


Inventory management shouldn't just be an afterthought that comes with your POS. The Orderly Inventory Management App is proven to reduce waste, and increase profit and efficiency.

Through the award winning Orderly Scorecard we increase sustainability and provide positive economic value by using AI generated recommendations.

With each person in your supply chain making the suggested weekly, incremental improvements we can drive exponential value over time. - saving waste, money and conserving precious resources.

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Proven. Scalable. Award Winning: Reduce Waste and Influencing Responsibility

Our technology’s feature set is cutting edge for restaurant inventory management. Restaurant chains use this software to empower responsibility for organisations and their staff to make a meaningful difference to the world. We are Orderly.

Orderly Inventory is a cloud-based, user-friendly restaurant inventory management solution proven to help partners reduce waste, drive efficiency and increase the profitability of their estate.

Thanks to our collaborative partnership with large enterprises Orderly has been able to develop an award-winning Inventory solution that delivers incredible results.

Key Features

Accurate Recipe Data

Centrally managed recipe data with ability to overwrite and suggest fixes

Automated RMAs

The system recommends items to be sent for credit request

Automated PO Receipting

Ordered items shown for fast track receipt entry, saving time

Smarter Stock Counts

Fast, easy stock counts with optional blind-counting interface

Data Dashboards

Get key store information at your fingertips

Supplier Integration

Integrates directly with external suppliers including your milk supplier

Stock Transfers

Easily transfer stock between your stores

Full Reporting Suite

Full reporting suite with a wide range of detailed reports

Mobile Friendly

No software to install and available on the go from your mobile device.

A Diverse Range of
Features to Drive Change

POS Integration

Straightforward POS integration to schedule polling receipt of sales and waste data.

Daily POS Status updates on data receipt.

Integrates with all POS via API, feed or FTP, including:

  • Micros Simphony
  • Counter Solutions
  • NCR Aloha
  • Revel

Full Reporting Suite


  • Full Gap Analysis 
  • Missed Opportunities
  • Waste
  • Actual vs Theo
  • SOH
  • Transfers
  • Item Activity
  • Item Time Out
  • Cost of Sales
  • Margin
  • Stock Days
  • Credit Purchase Report

PO Receiving

PO receiving (2-click receiving)

  • Delivery Today (Received)
  • Delivery Today (Open)
  • Delivery Today (With discrepancies)
  • Delivery Today (No discrepancies)

Credit Requests

Credit request eligibility (1-Click Request)

Details of PO lines and value

Smart Counts

Schedule and perform:

  • Buy product type (category)
  • Full
  • Ad-hoc counts
  • Blind counts

Intuitive UI

A beautiful clear design and intuitive and simple to use functionality.

Task Based Dashboards

Supporting timely system activities - reduces training of restaurant inventory management software.

Recipes and BOMs

Functionality enables accurate inventory
use and supports localised customisations.

Orderly Inventory showing Production Planning Interface

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