Orderly Portal

The Orderly portal provides a single place for your system users to access and manage supply chain operations.

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Forecasting mobile app

communication, notifications, document libraries and other bespoke data management features around supply chain and sustainability related business functions.

  • Quick and easy access to all applications
  • One place for notifications and announcements
  • Customer services integration
  • Downloads of reports and analytics from multiple data sources
  • See notification history
  • Access anywhere via desktop , tablet and mobile

Simple and Powerful

Manage all aspects of your supply chain business operation through one simple, powerful portal.

Scalable module build enables you to integrate or build more functions to support your customers, suppliers and distribution centre trading partners. In addition to the inclusion of the Orderly applications, common features include:

Seamless Process - Storefront
Overdue invoices RSLD shipping metrics Order tracking
Item price details Value added service details
Forecast change request forms
Contact details Feedback form Alerts and Notifications
Health and safety materials Food safety Hazardous items (SKUs) Recipes/BOMs/Specifications
Direct access to this and all other utilised Orderly applications
Item information (inc. POS) Item photographs
All business documents and videos easily accessible in an intuitive and searchable archive.
KPI Dashboards 3PL Reports Tableau and BI integrations

Communicate with Ease

Orderly Connect provides you with a store communications dashboard that launches immediately upon login, provide the customer with visually rich informative business information news content, driven by your operations and marketing teams.

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