Jul 27 2021

Orderly to Launch Order Management Solutions in Asia Pacific

Written by Angus Mackenzie
Hong Kong Skyline

Orderly Order Management has been selected by a major FMCG retailer in Hong Kong as the application to run all order management functions across their markets in Asia.

Orderly will be providing business-critical solutions to support the order fulfilment of ambient items across a variety of dynamic and inter-changeable order models: from warehouse fulfilment to direct ship.

The customer will be drawing on Orderly’s considerable experience in delivering order fulfilment solutions to realise complex order requirements around forecast and non-forecast controlled items which are order fulfilled via multiple supply options.

The customer has additionally chosen to use several modules from the dynamic Orderly Portal solution which will enable them and their fulfilment partners to jointly manage information crucial to the international shipping of orders via various freight management options.

Orderly 訂單管理已獲香港一間主要快速消費品零售商採用,作為處理其亞洲市場內所有訂單管理功能的應用軟件。

Orderly 將提供企業成功必備的解決方案,涵蓋從倉庫履行到直接發貨等各種多變及可互換的訂單模式,支援室存貨品的訂單履行。

客戶將能夠得益於 Orderly 在提供訂單履行解決方案的豐富經驗,透過多種供應選擇,履行預測及非預測受控貨品訂單,實現複雜的訂單要求。

客戶另外採用了靈活的 Orderly 門戶解決方案中的數個模組,讓他們及其履行合作伙伴能夠透過不同的貨運管理選擇,共同管理訂單國際發貨的重要資訊。