Apr 1 2021

Every Office Needs a Slide

Written by Orderly Marketing

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw

Due to the pandemic, Orderly has been fully working from home for over a year now. As lockdown restrictions ease, we are getting the office ready to welcome back our rapidly expanding team. Nobody at Orderly will ever be required to visit the office, in-line with our fully flexible working policies. However, we realise that when it is safe to do so – we want to encourage staff back into our hub, and provide a friendly yet safe working environment for collaboration.

As part of our office refurb to fit our expanding team, we’re proud to share details of our office slide. A great icebreaker for many of the team meeting for the first time – the slide has been expertly designed to be reminiscent of slides from your childhood. They encourage everyone to participate in an adrenaline-inducing, exciting activity, proven to strengthen team bonds. To save us from having to build a true company culture, our office slide has been said to provide the following to staff, customers and colleagues:

  • An increase in trustworthiness
  • Heightened brain activity with staff
  • Boost to creativity
  • Physical health kick
  • Proven productivity increase

Commercially, high-growth companies such as Google, Box and Red Bull all have slides – and who is Orderly to argue with the facts. Slides promote growth, so we have decided to invest in one.

While it would be wrong to prejudge the result, history suggests that creativity thrives whenever and wherever people inspire one another, and no matter what their surroundings, while some of the greatest inventions and works of art are by people quite content to work alone in the equivalent of a garage or garden shed. Concorde, the world’s most adventurous airliner, was dreamed up and created in a mix of rather dreary looking offices and matter-of-fact industrial workshops (BBC). But we didn’t want to listen to that. We wanted a slide.

Work set out on 31st March 2021 to find a slide that would effectively meet Orderly’s ethos. As a powerful advocate for responsibility, sustainability is high on our agenda – we want to practice what we preach. After drawing up a shortlist, we decided to install a pre-owned 2017 ‘Palplay’ slide, that allows us to reminisce about that aforementioned childhood adrenaline and joy. It is COVID safe also, as its surface is easily cleaned between uses with a simple anti-bacterial spray.

We are very pleased to share a final image of the fully installed slide below:

An image of a small, plastic children's slide

Slide into your quarterly review on Orderly’s new slide.

Our team strives to use technology to do actual good in the world. Our success is based upon making a real difference to people and the planet – we invest properly in our technology, team and culture to do that. Unfortunately, just having a slide or table football in the office simply doesn’t cut it, but knowing that what you do at Orderly will actually make a difference, does. Fancy joining a team of like-minded professionals on a journey to reduce food waste in the supply chain? Visit our careers page.