Jun 10 2023

Working in a coffee shop: it’s not all cakes and coffee!

Written by Joel Mann
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Coffee shops have become a staple in modern society, serving as a hub for community, productivity, and delicious beverages and snacks. While they exude charm and warmth, the world of coffee shops comes with its fair share of challenges. From demanding customers to operational complexities, actually working in a coffee shop comes with a double shot of challenges

One of the biggest and more recent obstacles faced by coffee shop employees is managing the diverse needs and preferences of customers. From intricate drink orders to special dietary requests, baristas must master the art of making each cup of coffee a personalised experience. Balancing speed, quality, and accuracy while catering to demanding customers can be a daunting task, testing the patience and skill of even the most seasoned baristas.

Combine this with the fact that coffee shops are often buzzing with activity, especially during peak hours, and a long, unhappy queue of thirsty customers builds up quickly. The fast-paced nature of the job can be exhilarating, but it can also be overwhelming. Baristas must be adept at multitasking, juggling multiple orders, and maintaining a high level of focus to ensure timely service. Managing long queues and maintaining quality during busy periods requires efficiency and composure under pressure. 

But running a coffee shop entails a myriad of operational challenges that go beyond brewing a great cup of coffee. Managing inventory, maintaining equipment, and ensuring consistent supply are just a few aspects that demand careful attention. Moreover, staffing, scheduling, and training a capable team to uphold the shop’s standards and values add further complexity. This is often done at the expense of speed of service or even out of regular service hours. 

The irregular work hours associated with coffee shops can be demanding on employees. Early morning shifts, late-night closures, and weekend work can disrupt personal routines and social life. Long hours spent on their feet, repetitive tasks, and the constant demand for focus can lead to physical and mental fatigue. Proper scheduling, breaks, and a supportive work environment are crucial in maintaining the well-being and motivation of coffee shop staff.

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