Apr 19 2021

Orderly Order Management – Top Features

Written by Orderly Marketing
Woman using Orderly Order Management

Orderly’s Order Management Platform processes hundreds of thousands of order lines per day and is proven to increase operational efficiency in global supply chains.

The Orderly Order Management platform has been helping food and beverage enterprises to manage time-sensitive and business-critical order management functions for over a decade. Orderly is trusted by businesses operating FMCG in the food and beverage and retail sectors to process millions of order lines annually.

Tight enterprise integrations along with a beautiful UI that will delight your customers make Orderly the preferred order management solution for many large food and beverage enterprises across the globe, including Starbucks, McCormick and more. High-level features include:

  • Bilingual / multi-currency
  • Tight integrations with ERP / suppliers / Finance
  • Ability to cope with complex delivery schedules
  • Mobile apps
  • Customer communications

Orderly’s feature-set is fully customisable and extensible for any enterprise need, including store development and direct-to-consumer.

Orderly supports an unlimited range of diverse ordering types for a range of food and beverage enterprise supply chain models, including:

  • Ambient
  • Fresh and Dairy
  • LTO Promotions
  • Emergency
  • Auto Shipments
  • Phased Store Development
  • Direct Supply

Orderly also interfaces with logistics systems for the provision of ASN, ship confirmations and delivery information.

Credit Management

The application supports customer credit requests against orders received. Internal audit based report tools have proven to reduce customer credit requests by 40%.

Intuitive UI

Web-based and mobile app ordering capabilities with clear, intuitive and simple to use functionality.

Flexible Integrations

Interfaces with ERP, 3PL WMS and Supplier systems to receive master data and transmit real-time of scheduled order releases.

Rich Communication Content

Notifications and urgent alerts, pop-up messaging, SMS alerts, contact forms and live chat are all standard features to support customer awareness and contact options.

A Document library can be stored up-to-date material including; training videos, recipes, equipment manuals and the latest health & safety guides related to your business.

Item catalogues provide customer-specific access to item information including SKU Number, UOM, Photograph, GTIN, EU Harmonised Tariff Code and Weight and Dimensions.

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