Aug 13 2023

Harnessing AI in Predictive Ordering: Deep Learning and Deepfakes

Written by Orderly Marketing
Big Data Model for Forecasting

From bustling street-side takeaways in Bangkok to cosy diners in Birmingham, the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry spans the globe. In this diverse and ever-evolving sector, precision in inventory and order management is paramount. Orderly’s innovation in this area saves global chains money, and reduces food waste.

1. The Mechanics: Diving into the Global Challenge Model

The concept of ‘deep fakes’ – AI-generated replicas of real images or videos – has captured global attention. Taking inspiration from this, our predictive ordering module employs a similar challenge model. Here’s a deeper dive:

  1. Training: Just as deep fakes assimilate vast quantities of data to replicate reality, our system is fed with extensive international datasets, encompassing years of order data, seasonal variations, cultural festivities, and more from across the world.
  2. Algorithmic Mastery: Harnessing the power of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), our AI system undergoes rigorous testing. The ‘generator’ formulates ordering predictions, while the ‘discriminator’ gauges them against actual global data, refining the predictions iteratively.
  3. Business Logic Guard Rails: These act as universal safety nets, ensuring that while our AI pushes the envelope, it always operates within the boundaries of established business logic.

2. The Universal Advantages of Our AI-Powered Predictive Ordering

  • Unrivalled Precision: Through advanced recurrent neural networks (RNNs), our system is attuned to global ordering patterns, elevating prediction accuracy worldwide.
  • Global Real-time Adaptation: Using advanced techniques like Bayesian Inference, the system provides instantaneous adjustments, catering to sudden regional changes or global events.
  • Cost and Efficiency: By employing optimisation algorithms, the system ensures resourceful use of inventory, guaranteeing tangible cost benefits on an international scale.
  • Time Conservation: Leveraging machine learning models, such as Decision Trees, we’ve reduced manual forecasting efforts globally, granting managerial teams more time for strategic decision-making.

3. Leading the Charge for Global Sustainability

Our AI’s integration isn’t merely about enhancing worldwide QSR operations; it signifies a major leap towards global environmental consciousness.

  1. Global Waste Reduction: With its acute demand anticipation capabilities, our system minimises overordering and food wastage, making a positive impact on the environment from New York to New Delhi.
  2. Energy Conservation: Advanced inventory management algorithms optimise energy use across continents, reducing global energy consumption patterns.
  3. Eco-centric Choices: With precise, data-driven insights, QSRs across the globe can make more ecologically sound sourcing decisions, aligning with the planet’s urgent need for sustainability.

In Closing

Our groundbreaking AI integration is more than just a technological advancement; it’s the dawn of a new era in global QSR management. We’re not just streamlining operations; we’re shaping a sustainable, efficient future for the industry, one order at a time. Join us in this worldwide gastronomic transformation, as we redefine what’s possible in the QSR universe.