May 14 2021

5 ways to maximise efficiency in the food supply chain

Written by Orderly Marketing

The core of good management is being able to maximise the efficiency of input for greater output. The more efficient we are at what we put into our work, the more desirable and successful our achievements.

How can you maximise efficiency in the food supply chain through daily management? What major areas in the supply chain are the most susceptible to issues arising and how can we implement better processes to avoid the wheels flying off before and after the final mile?

An orderly system of tools and processes

1. Forecast Management

Forecasting for your company’s promotional campaigns is a vital step in managing each process from concept creation to its fruition. If spreadsheets have been the bane of your existence in the past, rest assured that there is a more efficient and pleasant way to manage your forecast data with speed, accuracy, and control. And all accessible from your mobile device.

2. Order Management

Visibility is key when it comes to order management. Demand for more stock when you have just sold out of an important ingredient is catastrophic to the customer’s experience, this becomes unforgivable when the customer has ordered from an online channel and expects their favourite sandwich (that they have already paid for) to be available when they come to pick it up.

You need a specialised food and beverage order management system for your enterprise that will provide sustainable stock levels for B2B, D2C, or a combination of various business models. You need a website that manages and interfaces with the storefront, the warehouse, and logistics and caters to the customer’s order type, such as:

• Ambient
• Auto Shipments
• Direct Supply
• Emergency
• Fresh and Dairy
• LTO Promotions
• Phased Store Development

3. Inventory Management

To exercise control over inventory you need to have real-time data flow and accessibility to that data at every stage of the process. Close coordination is even more crucial in managing global food supply chains – the longer the chain, the more complicated it becomes.

Being able to forecast supply and demand fluidity will ensure warehouses aren’t overflowing with product during market lags and seasonal changes.

In the inventory management toolbox, you should have the following capabilities:

• Support for any type of modifiers support
• PO receipting
• POS integration
• Range of suppliers
• Reporting
• RMAs (return material authorisations)/credit requests
• Stock counts and transfers
• Receipe management (are you sure your PIM data is correct?)

An orderly inventory management system will have all the above functionality and even more bells and whistles.

4. Direct to Consumer eCommerce

If your business is or involves D2C eCommerce, you will be cognizant of the need for your systems tech to reduce production waste and to increase efficiencies in product picking, packing, and shipping.

And as we first ‘taste’ or experience with our eyes, having a tantalising and tasty interface is an absolute must! Add to that these important functions:

• Customer service and relationship management
• Global reach for multi-market trade
• Payment integration and extensive courier providers
• Speed and agility to scale.

These need to be customisable, flexible, and ready to go when you are, right?

5. Mobile order and pay

If you are a restaurant or QSR (quick-service restaurant), your job is to take pre-orders and control back-of-house operations while seamlessly managing your front-of-house presence.

Manning the phones to take orders is a thing of the past if you have upgraded your systems tech in the past several years. Being able to manage orders via a contact-free order-and-pay platform has revolutionised the food industry.

And considering pandemics and the need for social distancing, and what else might come our way, automating and streamlining food orders, payments, queues, collection points, and delivery services, is a necessity and a game-changer.

So have you heard of Orderly?

Orderly Logo on a Banner

Actually, you just have. From forecast to order and inventory management to D2C and mobile order and pay, Orderly is all about the food supply chain. To recap:

Orderly’s forecast, order, and inventory management:

• Gives you complete control and real-time visibility of campaign performance
• Up-to-date, seamless ordering experience for your trading partners and stores
• Inventory tracking that enables better decision-making, and powers order-and-pay initiatives
• Promotes and supports waste prevention, ethical sourcing, sustainability and environmental responsibility.

D2C eCommerce and mobile order and pay supports:

• Picking & packing – ship the right products efficiently and on time
• Scalability – the Orderly platform is instantly scalable and fully integrative
• Global reach – multi-lingual and multi-currency pay options and software supports geographical hosting
• Customer service – single-view solution integrates with customer service desk and relationship management tools
• Beautiful interfaces – are fresh and appetising to accentuate your brand, showcase your products/services, and drive increased conversions.

Orderly will help you achieve your maximum efficiency. Get the eCommerce solution to maximum efficiency by getting in touch with Orderly now and become part of our community.
The bottom line

The Orderly food supply management solution is award-winning technology that is integrative, AI-driven, customisable, and scalable. Our management apps are proven to reduce waste and boost profit and efficiency while maintaining a steady balance to your enterprise’s processes and workflow.

Partnered with large enterprises to reduce cost, waste, and the minutia of automatable processes through collaboration and influencing responsibility, Orderly offers you the best supply chain management solutions to maximise your efficiency and output with minimised input. It will save you the time and resources so that you can celebrate and relax.

Now, who’s up for pizza?

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