Apr 15 2021

5 companies who are leading the way in CSR

Written by Orderly Marketing
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At Orderly we know that the ‘why’ behind any company is important. These days consumer pain points/motivators to purchase consist of more than what’s on the poster and surface-level marketing. It goes beyond the ‘what looks good’ and ‘what I’m going to get’ and focuses more than ever on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Nowadays, advocacy is so much more important. But it isn’t just about saying no to the shocking headliners like blood diamonds, slave labour, inhumane working conditions, and illegal dumping of toxic chemical waste.

CSR is now at a granular level, such as saying no to the misuse of environmental resources and unfair trade, and about formulating transparent policies and plans, creating community initiatives, having robust recycling, reuse, no waste, sustainability and limiting the carbon footprint. Putting resources behind such worthy ideals as the circular economy to rethink our failing linear systems. And. more importantly, being culpable to achieve substantial results.

Shining the light on CSR

Plans, policies, initiatives, and schemes are no good to anyone unless they are discussed and actioned explicitly for the world to see the efforts made and for the results to be declared publicly. And nowadays it’s so easy for a company to post or blog about their public agendas on social media platforms and reach a vast array of diversified audiences.

A brand can and should create cooperative programmes that encourage community engagement with an inclusive message. We wanted to take a look at some of the brands that are known for their CSR efforts.

The performance matrix

Referencing the Director of Marketing Insights of the Reputation Institute, Isadora Levy Corbella, André Gonçalves, from Youmatter.world reports “the variables that make up a strong corporate reputation haven’t changed over the last decade.” These areas are measured and their stats are as follows:

  1. Products and services 20.1%
  2. Corporate governance 14.8%
  3. Citizenship 14.4%
  4. Financial performance 13.2%
  5. Innovation 13.1%
  6. Executive leadership 12.9%
  7. Workplace quality 11.5%
  8. Corporate reputation 100%

These are important because they culminate in creating one thing for the consumer that is needed the most – trust.

Fostering trust

Once trusted, backing the brand and showing customer loyalty is a way for consumers to get involved and support corporations leading social initiatives they care about.

Corporate conglomerates and big enterprise have a large footprint and vast revenue and resources, therefore they are poised perfectly to do more and should be leading their societies in taking an active role in conservation, and reimagining a healthier, sustainable universe for everyone.

Loved brands with CSR high on their agenda

Some of the top brands we all know and love are listed below – although Orderly support food and beverage supply chains we thought we’d mix things up and venture a bit wider. These companies represent a lot of others who are doing their part for CSR to make our planet go the distance. Let’s look at what earned them their top spots, some of the ways each are doing their part, and explore ways we can join the good fight.


Lego, the famous brick toy company, is looking forward with a view of the circular economy to rehome pre-loved bricks to children in need. They have also pledged to eliminate unnecessary waste by tightening up their production processes and using sustainable materials. Lego is also 100% on top of their renewable energy emissions, and they support social programmes tackling diversity, inclusion, and ethics regarding children and grown-up people, and environmental causes such as having a responsible supply chain and holding their vendors to the same CSR standards. Visit the website to see all of their great initiatives.

The Walt Disney Company

Disney takes its CSR commitments seriously from the Board to the park employee. The company encourages staff to take part in their environmental programmes, such as rethinking their daily commute to recycling. Disney is also committed to reducing one-use plastics, such as drinking straws and coffee stirrers, and are conscientious about their various waste management programmes. They have splashed some cash into solar panels that will power two of their four parks based in Orlando, FL. They inspire kids and families with charitable giving to children’s hospitals and wish-granting and with youth development programmes like ‘Snap the Gap’, music, theatre, storytelling, and more.

And there is a Disney Conservation Fund and Disney Conservation Team Wildlife programme dedicated to saving wildlife while connecting like-minded people to help with their daily choices. Take a look at all they do and what they plan to achieve.


Levi’s are in just about everyone’s wardrobe staples, and they represent long-lasting comfort and cool. They embody salt-of-the-earth, roll-up-your-sleeves hard work, and the American Dream. Levi’s are for anyone.

Part of their core mission is to show support of vulnerable communities, promote equality, and work toward the sustainability of the planet. In the words of the company, “Our values – empathy, originality, integrity and courage – guide every decision we make and every action we take.” Levi Strauss & Co. believe in people, the planet, their product, and programmes by putting a portion of their profits into support and action.


According to Netflix, stories and the emotions they create in us shows us new and different perspectives which “bring us closer to each other”. This is their product and service, but what of their corporate social responsibility?

Netflix has vowed that they “will achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2022, and every year thereafter”, says Emma Stewart, PhD, Netflix Sustainability Officer, in a blog titled Social Impact. Their programme is called Net Zero + Nature, and its methodology is to reduce emissions, retain existing carbon storage, and remove carbon from the earth’s atmosphere. They hope to achieve their goals through ecosystem preservation and regeneration projects and education for more sustainable lifestyles.


Although Rolex is an exclusive brand by its products’ very nature – a mark of prestige, wealth, and excellent time-keeping – its CSR is anything but exclusive. They say this of their initiative to protect the planet:

Our home is dependent on the individuals and organizations committed to finding solutions to protect it. We, at Rolex, support those who go above and beyond to safeguard and preserve our Perpetual Planet for the next generations.

Rolex’s message, like their watches, is elegant. It’s in the spirit of lasting perpetuity. Learn more about their environmental programmes to combat deforestation and global warming, conserve the oceans and the poles, and save the planet through exploration and knowledge.

The bottom line

There is a correlation between big business industry and the planet’s health and wellbeing. It is supply and demand. CSR is every corporation’s responsibility as it is every world citizen’s responsibility to strive for a sustainable, regenerative future for generations to come. We, the consumers, can support those companies doing great work toward making our planet better. We all just need to trust each other to do our parts.

Orderly is such a company that believes in a sustainable and transparent corporate supply chain. Take a look at what they stand for and how they can help your company work both toward your CSR goals and increase operational efficiency in your food and beverage supply chain.