10 Years of Sustainable
Supply Chain Technology

For over a decade Orderly have provided business-critical supply-chain technology to a range of enterprises.

Orderly's solutions influence responsibility in enterprise supply chains - generating long-term sustainability and economic value.

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Our Journey

Founded as "Easywebstore" in 2008, Orderly was born as an ecommerce platform.

In 2011, the 'Orderly' product was launched to assist Starbucks with Order Management.

From there we began to work with other household names across the sector, and developed the mature suite of ecommerce, inventory and forecasting products which are now used in thousands of stores across the globe.

We're serious about global waste and the harmful impact globally. We're serious about our supply chain technology and the value this can provide on our economy, people and environment - we believe our technology can help people to make a real difference to their world.

Our Senior Leadership Team

Proud to lead the Orderly team to encourage responsibility throughout the supply chain.

Peter Evans


David Hall


George Randall


Angus MacKenzie

Head of Application Design

Lee Hall

Head of Client Services

Simon Robinson

Service Delivery Lead

Our Customers

We inspire belief, ambition and responsibility in all to champion sustainability and therefore
efficiency and profitability.

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